“Live the Dream” is LIVE?! Plus an all-inclusive trip to Bora Bora, Fiji, African Safari or Euro Vaca?!

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My partners and I have just released 5 of the most pure value, content-rich video trainings we’ve ever seen given away for FREE that will expose the following:

* How a broke 21 year old kid $20K in debt hit a
6-figure income at 22 years old making as much
as $12,000 in 4 hours

* How a foreclosed realtor generated over $100,000
in her first 10 months online

* How a struggling networker increased his conversions
over 67% with 1 simple website tweak

* How a bankrupt real estate developer hit $1.5 million
per year in his 2nd year of business

* They found a marketing wizard who generates up to
1,967 leads per day

* How a guy with ZERO internet marketing experience
hit 134 leads PER DAY for FREE his first 4 months online.

* 2 dudes sponsored 151 reps in 1 hour?!

These 5-videos and this “Live the Dream” website has virally taken over the industry like wildfire.  You’ve got to see this for yourself.

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Oh, and we’re hosting MLSP’s first international GENERIC marketing event / internet marketing workshop in Las Vegas on Oct. 2nd & 3rd.

AND we’re having an affiliate contest RIGHT NOW where the first prize is an all-inclusive trip to Bora Bora, Fiji, an African Safari or a Euro Vacation!!!


Click here to see 17 other BADASS lifestyle prize options we’re giving away with this launch:

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You deserve to get your hands on these 5 videos immediately.  They will impact your business starting right now.  Click the link below and dig into your first free video!

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Your friend on the inside,


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  • This looks like an amazing event Brian. I really hope I can make it. Fingers crossed I'll see you in October.

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  • I am anxiously awaiting LTD 2012!!

  • I am anxiously awaiting LTD 2012!!

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