My Story

I am just an ordinary guy who made a decision in March 2005 that changed the course of my life forever.

March 2005

In March ’05 I had been out of college for 10 months.  I graduated with a pre-med degree, but was terrified to pursue a career in medicine because every doctor & health care professional I came in contact with told me to get into sales!  “The industry’s not what it used to be” and “I never get to see my family because I’m on-call 24 x 7” were very common to hear from my mentors and it scared the hell out of me.

In addition to realizing what a day in the life of a doctor would really be like, I wasn’t quite ready to give up on my dream of becoming a professional musician.

Deciding against corporate America was actually an easy decision for me because family, friends and lifestyle are of my highest priorities.  I also knew that I wanted to be 100% in control of my time, my income, and my life.  So I put my degree in a nice little frame and hung it on my wall… and it’s been there ever since (a pretty expensive framed piece of paper if you ask me!)  😉

So after college I continued bartending to pay the bills and my band and I got to work… we were going to be the next band on the cover of Rolling Stone, only the magazine didn’t know it yet.  And we began chasing the dream…

It didn’t really go as planned.

If you’ve had ANY experience in the music industry then you know that it is extremely difficult to make money playing as an original rock band.  However, money wasn’t the reason we were playing music. It was because we loved playing music.

But here’s the catch… after about 10 months of 50+ hr weeks bartending and pursuing a music career I had saved $2,000.  $2,000 in 10 months!  That’s well below the poverty line… at this rate by the time I was 40 I’d have about $34,000 to my name if no expenses came up!

How was I going to support my family with the wife I hadn’t met yet, and pay for the mansion, the cars, the vacations, the beach homes, the boats, the toys, all of which were in my lifelong game-plan?

I knew it was time for a change and I certainly was NOT ready to give up on my dream of becoming a professional musician… giving up isn’t in my DNA and it wasn’t an option.

So I did what any kid would do… went to the internet!

It was on that one fateful day in March of 2005.

I pulled up my good friend Google, and I typed in 3 simple words:

Make More Money

And a tiny little 3 lined ad came up on the right-hand side of google (I had done literally THOUSANDS of searches on Google before and never noticed any ads on the right-hand side.  Its funny how when the student is ready, the teacher appears.)

I remember the ad like it was yesterday.  This is EXACTLY what it read:

Make More Money
99% of People Stay Broke
You Now Have A Choice

I clicked this ad to find a long-winded, poorly written, hyped-up, 15+ page letter that gave no real information on how to make money.  I read the entire website word for word… and I was sold!  I bit the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker.

There were TONS of testimonies about people making $15,000, $30,000, and even $50,000+ PER MONTH and I thought to myself, I have no idea what this is but if these guys can do it, then so can I!

And I never looked back.  My MLM career was underway.

My first 3 years in this industry were a nightmare.  I had NO idea what I was doing.  I didn’t even know what MLM stood for until about 3 months into the game.

I knew I wanted to leverage the internet because that’s how I found this industry.  And because I found this industry via the world wide web, I was social proof that YES this MLM thing could be built through vast power of the internet!

BUT I had NO experience in internet marketing.
I was given a cookie-cutter crappy website promoting my business.
I was trying to “sell” and “convince” people I had the best business.
I was purchasing HUNDREDS of leads.
I was HORRIBLE on the phone.
I was posting bandit signs around my area.
I was cold calling prospects out of the yellow pages.
And the worst part:  I had the mindset of a $2,000 per year income earner because that was my reality

You do the math…

I quickly piled up over $20,000 in debt over the course of 3 years with nothing to physically show for it, and I stress the word physically.

While I hadn’t yet made a single dime in profit in that 3 year period, what I had done was laid the groundwork for what was about to happen.

For 3 straight years I had embraced personal development.  I learned from every self-made millionaire I could find.  I read countless books, attended daily teleconferences, and I flew across the country with money I didn’t have to put myself in the same room as these self-made millionaires so that I could become one.

I learned how they thought, what they focused on, how their minds worked, and I worked diligently every single second of every single day to mold my brain into that of a successful self-made multi-millionaire.

And I was starting to learn how to attract things into my life.

And then it happened.

The leaders and mentors I had been seeking for years finally walked into my life and it was GAME OVER!

They taught me EXACTLY what they were doing to make millions of dollars per year online…. How they were attracting 100+ leads per day to their businesses…. How they were building their MLM empires effortlessly… and it had NOTHING to do with their actual businesses!

I was blown away!  “Where the hell was this information 3 years ago!” I kept thinking to myself.

Nonetheless I went to work, and the results are staggering.

*** Within 3 months I was one of the top 5 income earners in my primary company.
*** I learned how to generate 100+ leads per day, all of which were sold on “ME” before I even spoke to them, which allowed me to sponsor reps effortlessly!
*** I never had to “convince” or “sell” my prospect on anything ever again.
*** And today I have co-created the largest attraction marketing system on the planet… we hit the $2 million dollar per year mark in our first 6 months.

Incredible?  Eh, not really… that’s how powerful these strategies are!

From zero to hero virtually overnight.  A lot can happen in this industry if you stay the course.  And when it does, the flood gates will open.

These results are real.  I am real.  And this is my story.

I learned from those who had laid the path before me.

I implemented what they taught me.

And here I am today.

So my question is, are YOU ready to be the next internet rockstar?

If so, I will teach you.  I will teach you EXACTLY what was taught to me.  In fact, I have dedicated my life to teaching others what I know because it has had such an amazing impact on my life and I want to share it with those who are ready.

But I can only show you the door… YOU will have to walk through it.

If you make the decision to walk this path then I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes and how you can prevail.

It’s that simple… it’s a choice.  Choose wisely.

To YOUR Success,

Brian Fanale